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Babylon is a powerful dictionary and translation software.
It can translate a sentence or passage with about fifty (50) words on it in different languages.
It has a built-in conversion table that can convert numbers in different currencies, time zones and units of measures.
It can also help its users to construct sentences using the right English grammar.
It can teach the users the right pronunciation of words.
It can translate a word in at least twenty-eight (28) languages with its meaning.
It is a user friendly software. Users can use it in any desktop application by simply using the mouse and keyboard to click a text or highlight the text, then right click the mouse and choose the “Translate with Babylon” in the menu. A window will be open to show you the translation of the text that you need translation.

It can run with Windows 2000, XP or Vista. Web browser should be Internet Explorer 5 and later version or Mozilla Firefox 3.0. There should be 128MB RAM. Free disk space should be at least 50MB, but needs more disk space for the dictionaries.

Albert Prats
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  • Easy to use
  • A good source to learn different languages


  • The user should have an Internet connection in order to convert the currencies for it is dependent with
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